Puppy Grooming Pre-School





It is important to get puppies used to grooming from a young age. Just like taking your new puppy to Puppy Pre-School to begin socialising, training and learning about looking after your puppy.

Puppy Grooming Pre-School will help your puppy to gently experience the various aspects of grooming that she or he will participate in for life.




The Canine Spa offers a Puppy Grooming Pre-School.


Your puppy will experience, over 5 weeks/sessions, a developmental grooming programme.


This programme will give your puppy positive experiences to associate with grooming and visiting grooming spa.


Grooming is a life long activity for you puppy, so learning that being groomed is a fun and enjoyable activity will make life easier for you and your dog for many years.



The Puppy Grooming Pre-School Programme


1 visit per week for 5 weeks


Each visit is for approximately 15 minutes to allow your puppy to experience the various elements of being groomed and visiting a grooming spa
introducing new grooming experiences

building on the experiences of the previous visits


Lots of positive reinforcement
and treats


The final visit will involve a ‘Clean Me Up’ Spa Package


COST $25




The Canine Spa through the application form, email, text or phone to discuss and book a time for your pup to begin Puppy Grooming Pre-School.



Contact Details


Black Mountain Range Road, COOROY, Queensland 

PHONE:  0490 159235 

EMAIL:  [email protected]   

FACEBOOK:  facebook.com/cooroy.thecaninespa.grooming