Hot Weather Tips





Plenty of fresh water

Pottery water bowl keeps water cooler

Ice cubes or crushed ice in the water bowl

Inside in the air conditioning

Freeze water in a large plactic bottles and wrap in a pillow case or wrap in a towel for your dog to lie next to or on

Freeze water in empty wine / water cask bladders and cover with a pillow case or wrap in a towel for your dog to lie next to or on

Provide plenty of shade

Use fans to move the air around

Spray your dogs tummy area with water from a spray bottle

Put water in a ‘clam’ wading pool for your dog to lie in, play in, or for you to put your dog in and splash – especially the tummy area

Have a ‘cool’ mat for your dog to lie on

Freeze some veges, fruit etc in water in an ice cream container for your dog to lick – in the shade of course

To help keep your dog hydrated, give treats of water melon and / or some coconut water to drink





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